Hawking, Stephen – A Brief History of Time

  • black holes and the shape of the universe. Starting from two contradictory levels – 1) the time & the space (as depicted by relativity theory) and 2) the matter & the energy (as presented in the quantum mechanics) – so, from macro level and micro level, Stephen Hawking is advancing new hypotheses concerning a) the origin/ the end of the universe in the phenomenon of “Big Bang” that he identifies with “Black Hole”; and b) the shape of the universe as ”the surface of the earth, only with two more dimensions” (1998: 140). As a critique of the Hawking’s perspective, it’s worth mentioning that aside the two levels (of time and space, on the one hand; and on the other hand, of matter and energy), there is at least another level with two polarities (i.e. the causality/ the synchronicity) discussed much by Carl Gustav Jung & Wolfgang Pauli in their letters.

The map:


  • Stephen Hawking (1998): “A brief history of time. Updated and expanded tenth anniversary edition”, Bantam Books

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