Tag: Essence/ Appearance

  • Dostoïevski, Fiodor – Les Possédés

    demons. The demons are not the heroes, but their ideas that are of a special kind. The heroes are intellectuals alienated from their traditions, soil and earth, and they are borrowing ideas without roots in the reality where they are living. So, these ideas take a life of their own, becoming a God and more […]

  • Dostoïevski, Fiodor – L’Idiot

    idiot. The “idiot” is Dostoevsky’s own version of “holy fool”, or the fool in the name of God. Initially designed as someone extremely bad, the idiot turned out to be someone extremely good. So, Dostoevsky discarded any trace of dark and shadow, and left only light and bright in him: the idiot, in this novel, […]