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  • Rohr, Richard – The Universal Christ

    The map: Resources:

  • Rohr, Richard – Everything Belongs

    everything belongs. There is one world and all belongs to it, as in everyone could be found the same, all encompassing world. Even the broken and the poor parts. In a grain of salt are reflected all the galaxies – past, present and future. Light and shadow, rise and fall, young and old, birth and […]

  • Rohr, Richard – Naked Now

    oculus carnis (senses). As Rohr is saying, “three men stood by the ocean, looking at the same sunset”. The first one “can see, feel, touch, move and fix”. This man was seeing with the eye of the flesh (or the thought/ sight). oculus rationis (reason). The second man was using both the senses and “the […]

  • Rohr, Richard – Falling Upward

    first half of life. The cultures are washed by three rolling waves that were coming again and again: order -> disorder -> reorder. And back again. Besides these waves, Rohr is speaking about “the first half of life” and “the second half of life”. Using a Jungian vocabulary, the first half of life is: the […]

  • Rohr, Richard – Wisdom Pattern

    order/ disorder/ reorder. These three concepts are the equivalent of “thesis” (“either..”), “antithesis” (“or..”) and “synthesis” (“both… and..”). All the chapters in the book are about these three concepts stated in other words, so stated otherwise. However, any reader could imagine other concepts starting from these ones – like “meta” (expressed in the formula “neither… […]