Category: Philosophy

  • Chopra, Deepak & Kafatos, Menas – You are the Universe

    You are the Universe. Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos are presenting what in the spiritual traditions is known as: 1) “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am the Universe), 2) “Brahman = Brahmand” (The consciousness = The vibration of consciousness when experiences the universe) or 3) “Tat tvam asi” (“I am That”). Starting from there, the two authors […]

  • Kripal, Jeffrey – The Flip

    poles. Poles are the underlying contradiction of a paradox and are conceptual and inert. They can appear as “digital” (i.e. mutually exclusive) or “analogue” (i.e. a continuum) – Cheal, 2012: 34 splits. Splits are active and cause the “paradoxee” to feel pulled in two or more directions or decisions. It can also feel that whichever […]

  • Lear, Jonathan – Radical Hope

    after this, nothing happened. By the proposition “after this, nothing happened”, proposition used extensively in the first chapter of his book, Lear seems to have in mind the idea that a traditional form of life ended and another form of life, a new one, started at a certain point of no return. So, from the […]

  • Schopenhauer, Arthur – The World as Will and Representation

    thing-in-itself (Ding an sich: noumena). The real world is an authentic reality. This world is transcendent, so outside the grip of human experience. thing-for-us (Ding für uns: phenomena). The ideal world, on the other side, is a fictive reality. It is immanent and belongs to human experience. The distinction between “thing-in-itself”/ “thing-for-us” was introduced by […]