Rohr, Richard – Naked Now

  • oculus carnis (senses). As Rohr is saying, “three men stood by the ocean, looking at the same sunset”. The first one “can see, feel, touch, move and fix”. This man was seeing with the eye of the flesh (or the thought/ sight).
  • oculus rationis (reason). The second man was using both the senses and “the imagination, intuition and reason”, seeing with his eyes the reason (or the meditation/ reflection).
  • oculus fidei (faith). Finally, the third man is using both the senses and the reason, and also the “awe before and underlying mystery, coherence and spaciousness”. His third eye was the eye of the understanding. The book is span around the “faith” as a “both… and..” point of view (world-view): in the first part – from chapter 01 to chapter 09 – Rohr defines it as “contemplation”; in the second part – from chapter 10 to chapter 16 – it is labeled as “loving and suffering” as taught by Jesus; while the last part, from chapter 17 till the end, the both/and world-view is the same as the “paradoxes” loved so much by mystics.

The map:


Richard Rohr (2009): “The naked now. Learning to see as the mystics see”, The Crossroad Publishing Company

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